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I currently have the following:

    conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_create_by_conversation_id(

This correctly creates a record, problem is the default value of is false.

In this particular method I want the default value to be true when creating the record. Right now the only way I got this to work was by the following:

    conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_create_by_conversation_id( = true

Problem is this hits the DB twice. How can I use find_or_create and set the default :read => true?


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You can try find_or_initialize_by...

Then set your read attribute as normal

conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_initialize_by_conversation_id( = true


conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_initialize_by_conversation_id_and_read(, true)

With after_initialize (Oh.. you deleted your comment, but here is something for that just in case)

class Conversation < ActiveRecord::base
  def after_initialize ||= true # true if not already set

Then you can do find_or_create|initialize_by... or which ever way you wish to proceed.

More on callbacks if you are interest.

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if you want to set a default value in there, you can look into after_initialize – kwon Apr 23 '11 at 22:00

From here:

Use the find_or_initialize_by_ finder if you want to return a new record without saving it first.

So something like this:

conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_initialize_by_conversation_id( = true

This should just do an INSERT instead of an INSERT followed by an UPDATE.

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Try this:

conversation_participation = @user.conversation_participations.find_or_create_by_conversation_id_and_read(, true)
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Wait but that's no good, because if a conversation_participation exists with a read of false, which is very valid, this will create a new record, no? – ColdTree Apr 23 '11 at 21:50
You're right, didn't notice about this. – edthix Apr 24 '11 at 6:09

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