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I need to call the create action in controller A, from controller B.

The reason is that I need to redirect differently when I'm calling from controller B.

Can it be done in Rails?

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Are you speaking about POST or GET action? If GET you can simply redirect to that action. But the reason for that is not quiet clear as you can redirect from controller A to whatever url you want. –  Voldy Apr 23 '11 at 22:07
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You can use a redirect to that action :

redirect_to your_controller_action_url

More on : Rails Guide

To just render the new action :

redirect_to your_controller_action_url and return
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The logic you present is not MVC, then not Rails, compatible.

  • A controller renders a view or redirect

  • A method executes code

From these considerations, I advise you to create methods in your controller and call them from your action.


 def index


 def get_variable
   @var = Var.all

That said you can do exactly the same through different controllers and summon a method from controller A while you are in controller B.

Vocabulary is extremely important that's why I insist much.

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I know I should not do that, but this is not part of my application it's just for testing and evaluating my application. –  ddayan Apr 24 '11 at 22:37
Love it .. separate out the method from the render, and then call the individual method where needed. Just one question .. how can get_variable now be called from another controller? –  FloatingRock Aug 30 at 18:15

This is bad practice to call another controller action.

You should or duplicate this action in your controller B, or wrap it as a model method, that will be shared to all controllers, or you can extend this action in controller A.

First approach is not DRY but it is still better than calling for another action.

Second approach is good and flexible.

Third approach is what I used to do often. So I'll show little example.

def create
  @my_obj = MyModel.new(params[:my_model])
  if @my_obj.save
    redirect_to params[:redirect_to] || some_default_path

So you can send to this action redirect_to param, which can be any path you want.

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Hi, for solution B wrap as a model method, how to wrap up if there is no model at all? We are working on a search engine and would like to call search views in search engine from other engines. There is no data model for the search action at all. –  user938363 Dec 6 '13 at 20:00
@user938363 - Maybe have the two actions both render the same view (even if those actions are in different controllers). The "render" call itself will be duplicated but that in itself is only one line of duplication - not so bad. If you have a lot of logic that prepares the hash of parameters to pass to the render call, then you could avoid duplicating that by moving it into its own file (perhaps a model in /models or an ordinary class or module in /lib). The only problem is if your controller communicates with view via instance variables - you'd have to fix that duplication another way. –  antinome Aug 25 at 17:39

Perhaps the logic could be extracted into a helper? helpers are available to all classes and don't transfer control. You could check within it, perhaps for controller name, to see how it was called.

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You can use url_for to get the URL for a controller and action and then use redirect_to to go to that URL.

redirect_to url_for(:controller => :controller_name, :action => :action_name)
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the other one didn't seem to work for me, this looks better, but how do we pass parameters? –  msanjay Jul 16 at 13:36

Separate these functions from controllers and put them into model file. Then include the model file in your controller.

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Lets say your on the ProductsController and want to the UsersController#show action. You might do something like the following:

class ProductsController
  def action
    @user = User.find(params["user_id"])
    redirect_to user_url(@user.id)


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