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I think the problem I want to solve will an easy one for most of you:) Suppose I have a class Node which has a member function setPosition(float x, float y, float z). I would like to be able to define a variable of class Node in lua and then be able to use setPosition() function also form the Lua. I know that there are issues that Lua is rather for C not C++ and has its issues with C++ classes but I also know that it is achievable.

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I'd use Luabind for this. With it you can easily bind C++ classes so they can be created, accessed, and modified in Lua. The code you'd write in C++ might look roughly like this:

module(L) [
        .def("setPosition", &Node::setPosition)

Then you'd be able to say this in Lua:

node = Node()
node:setPosition(x, y, z)

You could also make bindings so that the Lua looks a little more natural and could support things like these:

node1 = Node(x, y, z)
node2 = Node()
node2.position = { x, y, z }
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Thanks for the response. I have already built and included luabind to my project but the problem is that I have my "game engine" in c++, I have my RenderSystem (variable) in there already defined and I wasnt to access it and call something like this : Body x = RenderSystem->createBody(); I know already how can I expose a class with Luabind but how can I achieve this ? – Patryk Apr 24 '11 at 13:53
Then you should make a binding (perhaps using Luabind) for the RenderSystem class and its createBody function, and then you can call it from Lua and operate on the result. Or perhaps I am misunderstanding what you're looking for? – John Zwinck Apr 24 '11 at 13:55

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