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I need to get access to certain webpage by adding some elements to the url. What is the syntax for adding a get parameter to a url?

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You put ? in the end of the url. After the ? you put var1=val1&var2=val2& ....

For example, if your raw url (without the get parameters) is http://www.example.com/ and you have two parameters, param1=7 and param2=seven, then the full url should be:


If you want to generate the param1=7&param2=seven in python, you can use a parameter dictionary, like this:

import urllib
parameters = urllib.urlencode({'param1':'7', 'param2':'seven'})

The value of parameters is 'param1=7&param2=seven' so you can append the parameters string to a url like this:

raw_url = 'http://www.example.com/'
url = raw_url + '?' + params

Now the value of url is 'http://www.example.com/?param1=7&param2=seven'.

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This won't work if there could be existing parameters on the url... –  user47741 May 25 '11 at 16:01

I am fairly certain this has been asked many times before, but the query parameters start with ? and are separated by & like so:


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I am sorry I have asked this one more time, but I am very grateful for your answers !!!! –  irenka Apr 23 '11 at 23:00

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