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Id like a simple class lets call it Printer that supports richer formatting in addition to limiting decimal number places for doubles etc.

interface Printer {
   void print(CharSequence c);

Some interesting features i would like include:

  • expanding tabs to the next multiple 8
  • expanding tabs to a column after calling a callback which returns the column to jump towards.
  • support for tab alignments. Any query for the next tab after column X would return jump to Y and right align.

Are there any FOSS libraries that contain features like this ?

  • please do not tell me to write my own which i probably will.
  • im not interested formatting numbers and other value types like dates.
  • id rather the tab stops are not encoded as part of the "printing". Code should just print data then tabs and the result is nicely formatted.
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This is not java, but here is a perl statement that translates tabs to spaces. May give you and idea of what to do in java: 1 while $str =~ s/^([^\t]*)(\t+)/$1 . ' ' x (length($2) * 8 - length($1) % 8)/e; –  ewh Apr 24 '11 at 4:35
Yeh i know how to do it its just tedious and id rather re-use than write :) –  mP. Apr 24 '11 at 12:26

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Simple answer is i wrote my own :)

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