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I was wondering if there is any Python library out there which would allow me to generate Flash files (a simple slide show of a bunch of images).

I tried installing Ming but was running into some problems, so was wondering if there is any other library out there with better documentation.

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just wanted to suggest, but it is based on libming :) – Andrey Apr 24 '11 at 4:43
This looks really interesting, I'm just not able to install Ming :S The instructions seem really outdated, and I'm new to this, so am having a hard time figuring out how to get it going. Thanks though :) – iman453 Apr 24 '11 at 6:07
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For this you can do a workaround unless you find a python library for it.

You can use Flex SDK and the command line compiler (found in /bin).

Basically, setup the flash actionscript code with python, then compile it to an swf.

If you have images in a folder, then

var Image:Class;

var image:* = new Image();

embeds an image and adds it to the stage.

So, if you have more images, put it in a loop in python, when writing the actionscript file, like:

var Image1:Class;

var Image2:Class;

var image1:* = new Image1();

var image2:* = new Image2();


Hope this gives some idea. After this, you can write a timer or an interval for showing the actual image.

Something like

var totalFrames:int = ...;
var actualFrame:int = 0;
var lastImage:* = null;

flash.utils.setInterval(nextframe, 1000/30);

function nextframe():void
     //hide last visible image
     if(lastImage != null) lastImage.visible = false;

     //show next image
     lastImage = this["image" + actualFrame];
     lastImage.visible = true;

     actualFrame = (actualFrame + 1) % totalFrames;

Hide all images when adding to the stage (image#.visible = false;).

And so, with python you generate the actionscript, then run the command line compiler.

Hope this gives some idea.

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