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At least in V8 something like

if((var i = x*x) == 2){}

will give an error about an unexpected 'var' keyword. However there is no error if the var happens before the if() but I still leave the assignment of i in the expression. Why such an odd exception? Is this in the ECMA script standard somewhere? Is there a undetectable closure happening within the evaluation of the if() expression so leaving in the var would make my assignment disappear?

To further generalize it appears that var must have no non-white space characters preceding it.

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This seems to be because var is a keyword in the ECMA-262 standard that is used to identify a VariableStatement, which is a statement and not an expression. –  Steven Noble Apr 24 '11 at 6:27

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The short answer to your question is that you can't use a variable statement as the expression to evaluate in an if.

A more detailed answer is that according to ECMA-262 s12.5, an if statement has the form:

if ( Expression) Statement else Statement

ECMA-262 s11 describes an Expression as:

PrimaryExpression :
  ( Expression )

An expression that starts with var is a VariableStatment (ECMA-262 s12.2), which is not one of the above.

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