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I have a folder of 300+ xls files. The structure of this files is the same, but data is different. So I need to import this data to mysql table using servlets. I think there are few stages:

  1. Load a folder with files to server
  2. Convert files to .csv
  3. Import files one by one to mysql

But how can I implement this mechanism technically using servlets?


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First convert Xls to csv using this:


Then Import the csv using this:

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using apache poi you can easily read any number of xls file. link :http://poi.apache.org/ To insert it into database it is not required to convert it into .csv. You can read each cell of each file .Since each file's structure is same a List of DTO formed by storing all value of you excel sheet can be directly inserted into database. You can get started at http://poi.apache.org/spreadsheet/quick-guide.html

                    Best of Luck
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