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I am trying to implement the adjacency list for a non-weighted graph and a few questions/concerns. i realize I need a linked list to store the edges and an array to store the vertices.Currently I have a (basic)Node class and a Graph class, which takes care of the addition of the edges to a particular vertex. This however does not explicitly define a linked list for the edges. I want to do a DFS and BFS and was wondering how should I go about it? Do I need to changed the code that I already have to incorporate these methods or now. Help will be appreciated.

 // Inside the graph class

  public boolean insertNode(NodeRecord n) {
    int j;

    if (isFull()) return false;
    for (j=0; j<arraySize; j++)
        if (node[j]==null)
    node[j] = new Node(n);
    return true;
public boolean insertEdge(int nodeID, EdgeRecord e) {
    int j;

    for (j=0; j<arraySize; j++)
        if (nodeID==((NodeRecord) node[j].item).getID())
    if (j>=arraySize) return false;
    node[j].next = new Node(e, node[j].next);
            return true;

 // inside the node class

    class Node<E> {
   E    item;
   Node<E> next;

Node(E e) {
        item = e;
        next = null;

Node(E e, Node<E> newNext) {
        item = e;
        next = newNext;

Node(Node<E> n) {  // copy constructor
        item = n.item;
        next = n.next;


   public static void depthFirst(){

    for(int i=0;i<mygraph.arraySize;i++){
        Node counter =mygraph.node[i];
         System.out.println(" " +counter.item);
         counter= counter.next;

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A few notes on your code:

  1. You use fixed size array to store your nodes. Switch to an arraylist which grows automatically while adding new nodes.

  2. Do I understand correctly that you may only have a single edge leaving your node (next)? You should also use a list here.

  3. As long as your graph is not directed take care that an edge running from A to B also goes from B to A and thus you have to add it to edge-lists of node A and node B.

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The input is fixed so i don't really need an arraylist. I understand your point about the linked list issue, and that was one of my questions that i posted above. However, i found that i can access all the edges of a particular node using a simple loop so I don't really a linked list. The code takes care of the non-directed issue. My question is how to go about coding the DFS and BF methods – dawnoflife Apr 24 '11 at 8:11
added some code up there. hope it makes sense. – dawnoflife Apr 24 '11 at 8:17

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