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If I have an array like this

["Member", "Friends", "Hello", "Components", "Family", "Lastname"]

and I need to split it at "Components" and get 2 arrays, which are

["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]


["Family", "Lastname"]

Can I do that and how?

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You can use Array#slice:

class Array
  def msplit(m)
    idx = self.index(m)
    idx ? [self[0..idx-1], self[idx+1..-1]] : nil

arr = ["Member", "Friends", "Hello", "Components", "Family", "Lastname"]
a, b = arr.msplit("Components")
a # => ["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]
b # => ["Family", "Lastname"]
a.msplit("Foo") # => nil
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In ruby 1.9 (because of chunk method):

array = ["Member", "Friends", "Hello", "Components", "Family", "Lastname"]
a, b = array.chunk {|e| e != "Components"}.map {|a, b| b if a}.compact
p a, b #=> ["Member", "Friends", "Hello"] ["Family", "Lastname"]
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May be by

i = ary.index["Components"] - 1
ary[0..i]            #=>["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]
i = ary.index["Components"] + 1
ary[i..ary.length]   #=>["Family", "Lastname"]


ary[0..ary.index["Components"]-1]            #=>["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]
ary[ary.index["Components"]+1..ary.length]   #=>["Family", "Lastname"]

Also can use:

i = ary.index["Components"] - 1
ary.take(i)          #=>["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]
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I got the error "undefined method '[]' for #<Enumerable::Enumerator:0x3c86e9>" – user702160 Apr 24 '11 at 8:54
Which class do you have? Array class or Enumerator class? – Harry Joy Apr 24 '11 at 9:01
newArray = oldArray.slice(5,2)

use the index and length methods to work out the 5 and 2 values

should leave you with:

newArray ["Family", "Lastname"]

oldArray ["Member", "Friends", "Hello"]

see the doc here:

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assuming your initial array was called oldArray – GrahamJRoy Apr 24 '11 at 8:17

As an method:

class Array
  def split_by(val)
    [0, a.index(val)], a[a.index(val)+1..-1]

array = ["Member", "Friends", "Hello", "Components", "Family", "Lastname"]
first, second = array.split_by("Complonents")
#=> ["Member", "Friends", "Hello"] 
#=> ["Family", "Lastname"]

or inliner

array = ["Member", "Friends", "Hello", "Components", "Family", "Lastname"]
first, second = array[0, a.index("Components")], a[a.index("Components")+1..-1]
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