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Can we define new types in Scheme such that Scheme will recognize them and enforce their invariants?

In other words, when I define, for example, ADT for circle (make_circle, get_radious, etc..), I can use it in Scheme as a new type?

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SRFI-9 defines the define-record-type macro. Most schemes have a variant of define-record, define-struct or something similar which I believe is a simplification of define-record-type.

And then many schemes have some type of CLOS-like object system, such as tinyclos or Chicken's Coops - both of which implement multimethods, which is quite nice.

Example Using the SRFI-9:

(define-record-type circle
    (make-circle r)
    (r get-radius))

Then in your REPL:

>> (define c (make-circle 12))
>> c
>> (get-radius c)
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Racket has powerfull type system. Also define-struct is well supported among schemes.

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