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I can still be considered 'new' to web development and server-side programming especially. I thought building myself a nice, clean and easy to expand CMS would help me improving my skills and my overall comprehension.

At my first try I didnt really gave a thought on how to structure the CMS and just started coding my desired functionality. But then I came to the point where I started wondering if the way I am doing this, is really the way to go. I felt like my backend was too strongly tied together with the 'public visible' website itself (a website for a friendly photographer btw). I started looking around, how other cms' are doing this and decided I will try to build my structure similar to the one of wordpress.

So far I setup the following folder structure (which is pretty much the same in wordpress only with other directory names):

  • CMS
    • admin - where the websites maintenance is done
    • includes - the core classes/functions for the cms
    • public - the public part of the website, similar to a wordpress theme

My domain, e.g. myurl.com is pointing to the root-folder 'CMS'.

Ok so far so simple. But now I am stuck. If I - as an anonymous visitor - want to get to the public part of the website, I need to call something like: www.myurl.com/public/whatever.php

But I - as a website administrator - don't want anyone to be able to see the structure of my site. They should just need to call myurl.com and should be automatically redirected to the public folder of my cms. My first thought was, well then I just need to let myurl.com point to the public folder of my cms. But with that solution, how am I - as an administrator - going to reach the admin folder? I would have to setup a new subdomain e.g. admin.myurl.com and let it point to the admin folder.

But... thats not what wordpress is doing. For a wordpress blog the url just needs to point to the root folder and the admin panel can be reached through somewpblog.com/wp-admin

  1. can anyone explain to me how this stuff is working in wordpress and what I need to do to achieve this effect for my cms?
  2. how can I hide the filename from the url like its done in wordpress, e.g. instead of somewpblog.com/category.php?id=123 -> somewpblog.com/?cat=123
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Have a look at the Front Controller Pattern, everything else will fall into place : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Front_Controller_pattern

Basically you need 1 file in your /public called index.php which will look at the requested URL and do all the including of the rest of your pages.

You can also rewrite the URL via .htaccess



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Thanks to your answer, I found another Question here on stackoverflow which sums it all up (It has nothing to do with wordpress though): stackoverflow.com/questions/115629/… –  mwallisch Apr 26 '11 at 9:00

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