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I would like to add security checks to my existing twisted server, but in order to do checks I need information about Request. It is possible to pass request-object in every function call, but I am looking for solution to pass it as implicit parameter. If twisted was threaded framework I could use thread-local-storage to save this information and access to the data from any function. The question is how could I provide request-specific context to be accessible from any function call?

Thank you!

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What request object are you talking about? –  Jochen Ritzel Apr 24 '11 at 12:41
"implicit parameter" is a detestable appelation for what is correctly called an argument. That's my opinion –  eyquem Apr 24 '11 at 14:28

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Spooky action at a distance is great in physics (woo hoo quantum teleportation). However, in software, it's terrible. It's extremely detrimental to the readability of a program.

Twisted Web (you must be talking about a web server, I guess) offers an authentication and authorization systems via twisted.web.guard. The basic idea of this system is that the Resource represents the user and the user's permissions. It can pass this information down to its children if they need it.

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