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Hi I'm just trying to implement some cool drag and drop stuff to my order form and I have problem with dataset js object. When I bind a function to an ondragstart event and then I try to read event.dataset.value, I get error TypeError: Result of expression '' [undefined] is not an object. When I log the object into console, the dataset object is missing. The data attribute is only comprised in attributes object. I am using Safari 5.0.5..In google chrome is everything ok. So is this stuff so bad and incosistently implemented? I thought, at least webkit browser should this handle well, but oposite seems true:) jQueryUI should fix it, but I wanted to rely on a non-plugin solution..

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provide some code stuff. – Konga Raju Aug 7 '12 at 11:38

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I think you're trying to pass a custom data set in the event.

Would it be possible to pass the dataset along separately? I don't know how well other browsers support modifying events at all. I always stay well away from it.

jQuery wraps all events so you can extend them all you want. That doesn't mean it's a very good approach :D

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