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I have a MySQL field which stores times using the 'time' field type, such as '12:30:00' i.e. in the HH:MM:SS format.

In my PHP app I want to convert such HH:MM:SS data into a more readable string, such as '12.30pm'.

Is there any function for doing this, or will I have to do it by other means?

Many thanks!

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I don't have a machine to test it on at the moment, but I would look at: strtotime and date. I believe that the following should be what you want:

$print_time = date("h.ia", strtotime($sql_time));

Where $print_time is the pretty printable time string and $sql_time is the SQL timestamp string.

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Why not use the datetime functions built into MySQL?

DATE_FORMAT will allow you to manipulated it however you want.

Or any of the other functions may help you with it ...


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If you don't mind changing you MySQL code you can just use MySQL's DATE_FORMAT() on the fetc:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(table_name.time_col, '%l:%i %p') AS myFriendlyDate;
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