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I want my php code to check whether a certain DB exists, by means of running some sql query andd parsing the result.

What would be a nice way to do it?



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Run SHOW DATABASES and loop over the results with PHP to check for the existence.

If it were only one database, you could also add a condition to the SQL query directly and simply check if it returned a result or not with PHP. This would avoid the loop.

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what do you mean by condition? I am looking for one certain db –  shealtiel Apr 24 '11 at 14:22
Yeah, just one database add the LIKE condition. See middaparka's example or the docs. –  Jason McCreary Apr 24 '11 at 15:12

Keeping it in code, you could do


Might be quicker too.

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I suppose you could connect to your server, and issue a show databases statement.

It'll get you a list of all database that you can access, on your server.

I suppose you could also connect to your server, and, then, call mysql_select_db() or mysqli::select_db(), to try connecting to your specific database.

If it doesn't exist, that function will most likely fail -- and return false.

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As a simple solution, you could just use:


See the SHOW DATABASES Syntax manual page for more information.

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