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soundmanager2 will use html5 audio instead of flash if various properties are set and it thinks conditions are Ok.

Once soundmanager2 has decided, is there a property on the SoundManager object that will tell me whether it went for html5 or flash?

(I know it mentions it in the debug log but I'm looking for a property I could query)

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I don't think it's documented but the SMSound object has an isHTML5 property that you can check to see if a given sound is using HTML5 Audio.

The SoundManager object also has an html5 property that contains information about what audio formats are supported by the current browser.

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set this on soundManager.setup()

    useHTML5Audio: true,
    preferFlash: false
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That tells soundmanager to use HTML5 if it can. But that doesn't mean it will (depends on client). What I'm asking is: How do I tell if it really is using HTML5 or not? – codeulike Oct 2 '12 at 17:34
ok, You have to use the method isHtml5 of Sound object, that indicates if is using HTML5 Audio for playback – vlycser Oct 10 '12 at 16:07

There are 2 ways:

  1. Check the version property of your SoundManager2 instance:

    > soundManager.version
    "V2.97a.20131201 (AS3/Flash 9)" // Flash version
    "V2.97a.20131201 (HTML5-only mode)" // HTML5 version
  2. Check boolean:

    > soundManager.html5.usingFlash
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