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So I have this code:

if (ball.position.x < 45) {
    ball.position = ccp(200, 200);
    score1 = score1 + 1;
    [label setString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Score %d - %d", score1, score2]];

and in the Main init method I have this:

[self schedule:@selector(move) interval:.01];

Which just moves the ball around the screen. I was wondering how I would pause for lets say 3 seconds, between moving the ball to its new position and resuming the movement off the ball. (and for the record the first bit of code is inside the move method)

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Can you post what the resume movement method is? To stop the ball movement you need to unschedule [self unschedule:@selector(move:)] You could run the resume movement method after a delay [self performSelector:@selector(resume) withObject:nil afterDelay:3.0f] you could also do the delay with CCCallFunc like this:

id moveCallFunc = [CCCallFunc ActionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(myMove)];
id resumeCallFunc = [CCCallFunc ActionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(resume)];
id tDelay = [CCDelayTime actionWithDuration:3.0f];

[self runAction:[CCSequence actions:moveCallFunc, tDelay, resumeCallFunc, nil]];

If your move and resume functions are to be scheduled like you did above you can wrap the schedule methods so you can use them as selectors like:

-(void)myMove {

   [self schedule:@selector(move:)];

Hope this helps

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After, if statement is true, you may [self unschedule:_cmd]; then [self schedule:@selector(newPos) interval:3]; and assign in the newPos method a new position to the ball.

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