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I know you can add multiple locations to python path by separating them by colons ie:

export PYTHONPATH=~/one/location:~/second/location


I have several locations to add and it looks messy using the above method. Is there a way of adding them in multiple lines? This is what I tried and the last line erases the first.

export PYTHONPATH=~/one/location
export PYTHONPATH=~/second/location


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Note the order here: I've made them so that each has higher precedence than the one before; you could switch what goes on each side of the colon if you want later entries to have lower precedence.

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Assuming you are exporting from different files, called one after another:

export PYTHONPATH=~/one/location:${PYTHONPATH}


export PYTHONPATH=~/second/location:${PYTHONPATH}
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If you have many such paths, you can store them in array

declare -a array
export PYTHONPATH=$(printf "%s:${PYTHONPATH}" ${array[@]})
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