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I'm writing a utility to rate/benchmark systems based off of a number of variables (such as CPU, memory, system-load, disk information, network performance, etc.) and the one component that seems to be most elusive in all of those variables is disk data. Modern disks support S.M.A.R.T., but I can't find any interface to accessing that information intuitively.

I've tried the usual sources: Google, ExpertsExchange, Stack Overflow, language-specific sites, etc., and I've come-up with nothing, so I'm asking: are there any cross-platform SMART query libraries?

There are several tools for interacting with SMART data, even a couple that are "cross-platform" but I'd like to avoid having to rely on an external tool. Anyone know of a way to access SMART?

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in Debian/Ubuntu there's an opensource look into this written in c, Package is called smartmontools

smartctl –health /dev/sda

so, You might be able to cross compile it across a number of platforms. In windows you will have to bypass the windows direct access blocking to read the information.

I'd start by looking at the source code for smartmontools under smartctl.

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