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Radeon is about to release videocards with DisplayPort. What I need to do is instead of using host memory (RAM) I want to read data passing from Pegasus R6 (direct-attach RAID device) straight to video card. Perhaps using OpenCL and utilizing C/C++ on host to control the flow.

Greatly appreciate for your help and comments in advance.



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There have been ATi-based cards with DisplayPort such as the PowerColor AX5770 (which I use) for a while now. But you are talking about connecting a storage device to a video card, and this is not feasible as far as I can tell. The storage device you mentioned has a Thunderbolt interface, but while Thunderbolt does support DisplayPort, the converse is not true. Thunderbolt is a hybrid interface supporting DisplayPort and PCI Express, and I would certainly assume that storage devices communicate using the PCIe mode. So there's no way for a typical video card (which only supports DP) to host a storage device (which only supports PCIe), because while the physical and connection may be compatible, the protocols are not.

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