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I've set Admob in my android app,and I noticed the option of sending a request with parameters(like gender and birthday( How do I set those? I mean, I see something like request.setGender(Gender gender), but what is Gender and how can I put values in it?

Also, how can I set key words?

Does it even help? Did anyone see changes in their profitis/ads contents after setting parameters?

I can't find any information about this subject anywhere.


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Except for the Location info, I haven't seen any improvement by setting those parameters. Rather, users tend to be afraid and uninstall the app.

In the case of your specific question for Gender, there's an enum AdManager.GENDER with the MALE and FEMALE values.

You should use AdRequest instead of AdManager in the new SDK version, but the idea is the same. From http://code.google.com/mobile/ads/docs/android/intermediate.html#targeting :

AdRequest request = new AdRequest();

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Ok,but if my program is about diet and nutrition, and I set appropriate keywords,wouldn't the User get ads that are relevant to his interest? Could you please show a code on how to implement the usage of adManager? –  tofira Apr 24 '11 at 17:16
It should, but I've found no way to find it out certainly. I mean, those parameters and stuff are handled in the server. Please see my edit for an example. –  Vicente Plata Apr 24 '11 at 17:20
Ok thanks! Although I did see asd that are related to the Apo in different applications. –  tofira Apr 24 '11 at 17:25

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