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I’m trying to parse text from a file that comes in a pseudo XML format. I can get a DOM document out of it when it comes in the following structure:


The problem I’m running into happens when the structure is similar to the following:

    <quantity 1:2>
    </quantity 1:2>
    <quantity 2:2>
    </quantity 2:2>

It generates the following exception due to the space in <quantity 1:2>:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException:[Fatal Error] :1:167: Element type " quantity " must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>"

I can get around this by replacing the space with an underscore. The problem is the structure can be vary in size and include several child nodes with the same format (<node 1:x>) and the file can contain hundreds of structures to parse. Is there a class available that will parse text like this a return a tree-like object?

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It generates the following exception due to the space in <quantity 1:2>

This is not the root cause of the error, the root cause is, as people have already mentioned, your file format is not valid XML. A valid XML tag would look like <quantity attr1="val1" attr2="val2>.

It sounds like you have no control over the file format. In this case I think the easiest way is to preprocess your file into valid XML then have DOM/SAX parser to parse it:

FileInputStream file = new FileInputStream("pseudo.pxml");
ByteArrayOutputStream temp = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
int c = -1;

while (( >= 0){

String xml = new String(temp.toByteArray());
xml = xml.replaceAll("([^:\s]+:[^:\s]+)", "value=\"\\1\"");

ByteArrayInputStream xmlIn = new ByteArrayInputStream(xml.getBytes());

/* use xmlIn for your XML parsers */

Note that I did not test this code nor is it optimized; just wanted to give you an idea.

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I created a class to pre-process the file into a valid XML. – Mane Mar 7 '12 at 22:59

Your file is not an XML at all, and SAX is for XML (Simple API for XML). You should re-think your structure so you can do something like:

<quantity myAttr="1.2">
<quantity myAttr="1.x">

Or something like that.

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Preprocess the file and change elements with that x:y form to <element value="x:y"/> then your DOM/SAX parsers will not choke.

I would suggest using a regular expression to help but that way leads to madness.

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