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I have an issue with decryption on the iphone. I've been searching the internet for the solution for at least two entire days, but i couldn't find the solution yet (maybe i'm just too stupid...). However, I've found this post:

Any cocoa source code for AES encryption decryption?

I tried that code Rob and I could encrypt very well. However if I wanted to decrypt the text again, I've always got a -4300 Error (Decode Error). I've tried several other codes as well and I faced the same problem all the time. Has anyone an idea what might help here? Or another code that works for sure, so I might try that one and find out whether the problem is something else than this code.

Thank you for your answer in advance Florian

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Can you add the code you are using, the one that fails? – Guy Ephraim Apr 24 '11 at 18:42

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