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I need to set up a testing website on Windows Azure, and typically to prevent random people from looking at it I would have set up basic authentication with some sort of trivial password to filter people. Windows Azure, seemingly, does not have this option.

What are the alternatives? So far I am considering implementing another level of forms authentication but this is a lot of work and would need to be stripped out in the production version of the site.

The documentation on implementing Basic-Authentication in the web.config is also shockingly sparse.

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I think you should be able to use the IIS7 demo BasicAuthenticationModule to achieve what you want - see full code and instructions in http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/170/developing-a-module-using-net/

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ok, one caveat; you don't have access to appcmd.exe in azure, so there is no way to disable anonymous authentication. still stuck here. –  Will Charczuk Apr 25 '11 at 0:19
I think you have access to appcmd - lots of bing/google hits like social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-CA/windowsazuredevelopment/… –  Stuart Apr 25 '11 at 20:55
more concise version of the fix here (that applies to what i was stuck on) richardprodger.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/… –  Will Charczuk Apr 26 '11 at 3:49
also, how/where to add the .cmd msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg456327.aspx –  Will Charczuk Apr 26 '11 at 3:53

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