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i am making a regex expression in which i want to only match wrong tags like

<p> *some text here, some other tags may be here as well but no ending 'p' tag* </p>

 <P>Affectionately Inscribed </P><P>TO </P><P>HENRY BULLAR, </P><P>(of the western circuit)<P>PREFACE</P>

like in the above same text i want to get the result as <P>(of the western circuit)<P> and nothing else should be captured. im using this but its not working


please help

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Here is an expression that will match what you need:

[<]{1}\s*[pP]{1}\s*[>]{1}[()a-zA-Z0-9 ]+[<]{1}\s*[pP]{1}\s*[>]{1}

You can add to this all chars you need [()a-zA-Z0-9 ].

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