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I am using JavaScript to specify the target link. It is not working properly. What change should I do in order for it to work correctly?

My code:

var link = create_element(cell, 'img');
link.setAttribute("src", "images/sub.png"); 
link.href = "http://localhost/";
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As Sergei stated, you need a link with an image inside it. Below is an extension to your code. It's completely untested though but gives a general idea on how you might achieve it based on what you had already.

var link = create_element(cell, 'a');
link.href = "http://localhost/";
var image = create_element(link, 'img');
image.setAttribute("src", "images/sub.png");
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You can't use href for an img tag. What about adding a clickhandler?

link.onclick = function(){top.location.replace("http://localhost");};
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IMG tag doesn't have href attribute. "A" tag has it. So you should create A with desired HREF, then IMG inside.

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Yes, exactly. We can also write:

link.onclick = function() { document.location.href = "http://localhost"; };
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