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Is there a good free joomla contact us extension that can be used without much configuration?

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There are several form components that are very good. If the person using the component is pretty technically savvy, then Chronoforms is the way to go. It allows a lot of options including executing code, emailing form contents, saving forms contents to the DB, curl operations, all kinds of stuff.


If the user is a little less technical and just needs forms that email results, you should look at BreezingForms or RSForm, both are easier to use, but do not offer as much latitude.



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ChronoForms (http://www.chronoengine.com/downloads/9-chronoforms.html) is a GREAT 'free' form component that works in ALL JOOMLA versions.

It includes a 'easy form wizard' for "drag and drop" form creation. In addition, it easily allows the form data to be passed to pages, sent via email and stored in a database table.

VERY EASY to you and very flexible.


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FoxContact is probably the simplest and most elegant way to add a contact form to a Joomla website. It offers template changes, multiple contact e-mails, and the form possibilities are endless. Only downfall is the small Branding links on the bottom of the forms which can be removed at a nominal fee.


or to see in action on my sit http://cnclinks.com/gcnav/book-a-tee-time

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