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In a rails app, if I use a different request format for mobiles. e.g. render *.mobile.erb. What are the best practices to write tests for this? I use RSpec and can't find information on how to force it to render mobile views.

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I'm assuming you mean view specs (as opposed to integration tests)? RSpec2's render method delegates to ActionView::Base#render so you can pass :file, :template, :format, etc to render in your view specs. A better approach would probably be to just specify the correct view when describing the spec like so (example ripped form RSpec2's website):

describe "events/index.mobile.erb" do
  it "renders _event partial for each event" do
    assign(:events, [stub_model(Event), stub_model(Event)])
    view.should render_template(:partial => "_event", :count => 2)

For integration tests you will need to set the user-agent. Here is a link to another question that addresses changing the user-agent (it's the same for RSpec): Is it possible to specify a user agent in a rails integration test or spec?

Best of luck!

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Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. –  Nada Aldahleh Apr 25 '11 at 14:12

I don't know the exact answer but just change the user-agent of the request's headers to a mobile's User-agent

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