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I have a J2EE web application inside of Tomcat that I am writing.

For user login, I have stored salted password hashes inside of MySQL. To login, a user provides a password, it is hashed and compared to the database password. This seems OK to me, but I have heard that the container (Tomcat) provides some user authentication services.

I have looked into it a little bit, but all I can find is how to add user accounts by hand to the system. However, I would like for users to register and the container to handle the dynamic changes.

Is there a way to dynamically modify the user account list to allow people to register on the fly using the J2EE container?

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If you are using Tomcat you may be interested on the JDBCRealm of which, there may be custom implementations floating around if you want to extend it. Although Tomcat is not a full blown J2EE container, you may want to read an overview of Defining Security Requirements for Web Applications for a more standard approach that works on any J2EE container.

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What if I was using Glassfish? Would that be much different? –  samoz Apr 25 '11 at 0:22
For authentication purposes, all of the above apply to Glassfish. Probably you'll find jdbcrealm tutorials in google. –  Jano Apr 25 '11 at 1:18

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