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The problem:

Let's say I have $keyword = a sentence entered into a search box, such as "large white boxes"

What I need to do is break this into individual words, and then test each word to make sure a * doesn't appear within the first 3 letters. (So, sen* would be ok, but se* would NOT be ok). If a * does appear in first 3 letters of any individual word, then the "if ($keyword) ..." process needs to end.

if ($keyword)  {

            $token = strtok($keyword, " ");
                while ($token != false) {
                    echo $token;
                        if (stripos($token,"*") < 3 ) {
                    $token = strtok(" ");

...code continues...

As you can see, I am echoing each time to see it processing.

If I get rid of the 'if' code, then it outputs 'largewhiteboxes' and continues on as expected.

If I leave the 'if' code as-is, only 'large' is output, and the routine ends - even though the condition has not been met!

If I run that 'if' statement on its own, outside of the WHILE loop, it works just fine, responding true to a * in first 3 positions, and false for everything else...

What might I be doing wrong with this???

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This variation seems to work.

$keyword = "large white boxes";

$token = strtok($keyword, " ");

while ($token !== false) {
    echo $token;
    $pos = stripos($token, "*");
    if ($pos < 3 && $pos !== false) {
    $token = strtok(" ");
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A W E S O M E. Upon initial testing, this is working ;-), I'll test some more of course... I was incorporating the !== false over and starting to shape in this direction... but man you came right into the paint dunked it!!! Thanks for everyone's input on this I really appreciate it! –  Soyo Apr 25 '11 at 1:21

There is a giant red warning in the documentation for stripos that you should heed.

In other words, you need to check if the return value !== false before checking if it is < 3.

As an aside, why do you bother with strtok when explode(',', $keyword) is available?

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Thanks... actually, stripos was already there and working... however it was checking for the first 3 characters of the entire phrase, not the individual words within the phrase. Since it was working without issue, I really didn't look into that part of it (though, I will now). My problem came when trying to place it inside the WHILE loop. I actually used explode at the outset, but amid failures ended up with strtok... –  Soyo Apr 25 '11 at 0:03
strtok is actually really clever. If you have a really big string you don't want to explode it all at once and since you need to loop anyway strtok is quite efficient. –  Halcyon Apr 25 '11 at 0:31
Well I wish I was as clever as the strtok command cuz then I'd have this figured out ;-) ... I'm trying some variations based on points Jon brought up, but still not having luck... –  Soyo Apr 25 '11 at 0:50
@FritsvanCampen: Sure. But you pay for that "benefit" dearly in ease of use. Do you really need it? –  Jon Apr 25 '11 at 8:23

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