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Running a repeating task in background on a real time application

Hi! I'm writing an application which is continuously listening and checking the sensors (almost all available) and saving that data into the database in the device.

I need to make some calculations every X second with that data and throw a new event if the calculations check says so. I'm thinking about requesting to have the device plugged in while using the application (regarding battery drain).

What's the best approach for the task that needs to make the calculations and throw the event? Timer? Threads? AsynkTask? AlarmManager? Another approach?

I want to keep getting sensors data and saving them to the database despite if the application is not on foreground...it should save the values as long as the application is not stopped by the user. One option for that is wake locks (PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, which keeps CPU running).

I'm wondering how an application checking if you are on the correct way while running (imagine tha moving a few meter of your path would need to be advised) would be developed despite it is not exactly my case. I'd like to hear different opinions. Thanks in advance! Guillermo.

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You can use AlarmManager to setup the repeating tasks (this is the Android prefered way of setting future/repeating tasks). To make the calculations use a Service (if you think calculations are going to be expensive, then think about moving them to a separate worker thread or use IntentService).

Regarding the wake lock (from the AlarmManager reference):

The Alarm Manager holds a CPU wake lock as long as the alarm receiver's onReceive() method is executing. This guarantees that the phone will not sleep until you have finished handling the broadcast. Once onReceive() returns, the Alarm Manager releases this wake lock. This means that the phone will in some cases sleep as soon as your onReceive() method completes. If your alarm receiver called Context.startService(), it is possible that the phone will sleep before the requested service is launched. To prevent this, your BroadcastReceiver and Service will need to implement a separate wake lock policy to ensure that the phone continues running until the service becomes available.

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Sorry, can you please explain it further? Where should I be firing the service and the Alarm from? What's the relationship between the alarm and the service? I use thinking about having a BroadcastReceiver and make calculations there, why "To make the calculations use a Service"? –  polonskyg Apr 25 '11 at 3:04
You first setup your alarms via AlarmManager, and in your alarm receiver you start a service. You don't need an UI so you won't use an Activity, you should think about a Service for this case. –  aromero Apr 25 '11 at 3:43
I see, Thanks! I'll give it a shot. –  polonskyg Apr 25 '11 at 17:43

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