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I have a main menu on top of my site, its on every page, it has some links to coda slider panels (featurepage#1, featurepage#2 etc) which work to take the user directly to that panel, when they are coming from a different page.

When Im actually on the FeaturePage, the links dont work, they only change the hash, without jumping to the relevant content.

As far as I can see, its because the links have the whole URL in them, rather than the needed #1, #2 etc.

So my question (and hope) is there a way of changing the HREF for those links just on that page, so featurepage#1 is turned into #1 and so on.

The problem as well its that its dynamic, I have no idea how many Hash values will be needed at any time, so I cant just simply replace them.

Would anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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Well, this will remove everything before the # if one exists. I would think though that this would be better done from the backend. Don't have the page name in there to begin with.

        var href=$(this).attr("href");
            $(this).attr("href", href.substring(href.indexOf("#")))  
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Thanks for the reply, will be trying it in the morning as its late here now. Unfortunetly I dont have the page name, its actually for a WP theme, so the user can name the page whatever they want. Its a bit of a hacky solution I know, but im stuck! Thanks again for the help! – David42x Apr 25 '11 at 1:24
Kingjiv Thank you so much! That works! You are an absolute star! Thanks!!!! – David42x Apr 25 '11 at 13:37

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