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I've been trying to use the has_many_polymorphs plugin with rails 3 but I get this error that I have no idea how to resolve: How do I patch this error that has_many_polymorphs plugin is giving me?

I'm thinking of switching to some other solution to solve what I'm trying to do. I can probably use three different join tables with has_many through associations. Are there any other alternative options I have for generating the functionality that the has_many_polymorphs plugin provides?

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why you go for the plug-in it can be achieved by rails polymorphic associations see section 2.9 polymorphic associations on the given link Rails Associations

and i think there is no need for double sided polymorphism we can achieved it by simple polymorphic associations.

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see this they have achieved double sided polymorohic association through some other means may be this can help you many-to-many polymorphic –  afridi Apr 25 '11 at 9:47

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