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I am trying to use the scp command but I'm getting the following error:

permission denied  
lost connection

I get this when I use scp to copy a file from a master node to a slave node.

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This is probably more like your error, ya?

Permission denied (publickey).
lost connection

The simplest problem is that you don't have permissions to access the directories specified on at least one end of the copy operation, or you may just have a bad login.

  1. You could try using sudo chown -R *username* to make sure you have rights to the target directories on both ends.
  2. Check your directory specifications, make sure that you are using ~/Documents for instance instead of /Documents. Very different locations.

If you've got a bad login, I can't help you there, sorry. Try just ssh-ing into the target(s) make sure you can.

You could check out the manpage for more help

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ok thanks.. I ll see to that – priyaudupi Apr 25 '11 at 4:21
Thank you arrdem for the precision, i.e. "permissions to access the directories specified on at least one end of the copy operation". – lliseil May 6 '14 at 20:58
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I think error in giving permission to folder which has the authorized_keys file

use chmod and set the permissions

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