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this is related to my previous question about jqgrid. im doing now a search button that would search my inputed text from the server and display those data (if there is) in the jqgrid. Now, what i did is i create a global variable that stores the filters. Here's my javascript code for my searching and displaying:

    filter = ''; //this is my global variable for storing filters
       var row_data = '';
       var par = {
          "SessionID": $.cookie("ID"),
          "dataType": "data",
        url:'json.php?path=' + encodeURI('data/view') + '&json=' + encodeURI(JSON.stringify(par)), 
        datatype: Settings.ajaxDataType,  

           type: 'GET',
           url: 'json.php?' + $.param({path:'data/view',json:JSON.stringify(par)}),
           dataType: Settings.ajaxDataType,
           success: function(data) {
              if ('error' in data){
                 showMessage('ERROR: ' + data["error"]["msg"]);
                 if ( (JSON.stringify(data.result.main.row)) <= 0){
                     alert('code not found');
                     var root=[];
                     $.each(data['result']['main']['rowdata'], function(rowIndex,  rowDataValue) {
                     var row = {};
                     $.each(rowDataValue, function(columnIndex, rowArrayValue) {
                        var fldName = data['result']['main']['metadata']['fields'][columnIndex].name;        
                        row[fldName] = rowArrayValue;                   
                     root[rowIndex] = row;
                     row_data += JSON.stringify(root[rowIndex]) + '\r\n';
             alert(row_data);  //this alerts all the data that starts with the inputed text...

i observed that the code always enter this (i am planning this code to use with my other tables) so i put the filter here:

   $.extend(jQuery.jgrid.defaults, {
       datatype: 'json',
       serializeGridData: function(postData) {
          var jsonParams = {
            'SessionID': $.cookie("ID"),    
            'dataType': 'data',
            'filters': filter,
            'recordLimit': postData.rows,
            'recordOffset': postData.rows * ( - 1),
            'rowDataAsObjects': false,
            'queryRowCount': true,
            'sort_fields': postData.sidx

          return 'json=' + JSON.stringify(jsonParams);
      loadError: function(xhr, msg, e) { 
        showMessage('HTTP error: ' + JSON.stringify(msg) + '.');

now, my question is, why is it that that it displayed an error message "Server Error: Parameter 'dataType' is not specified"? I already declared dataType in my code like above but it seems that its not reading it. Is there anybody here who can help me in this on how to show the searched data on the grid?(a function is a good help)

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It is important to know whether you use HTTP POST or GET for the server requests? In one old answer I recommended you to use postData parameter of jqGrid. Do you use it? Could you include the current code of jqGrid which you use? You current serializeGridData implementation ignore many standard parameters of jqGrid and ovewrite it with yourth. Could you describe which parameters in which form you want to have on the server? – Oleg Apr 25 '11 at 9:24
It seems to me that there are exist an misunderstanding how jqGrid and jQuery.ajax build the URL used for the server requests (how postData will be used to append URL with additianal parameters). I could explain all exactly if it is needed. Could you exlain additionally why you need some strange static parameters "dataType": "data", "sort_fields":"main_account_group_desc" and so on. What value has Settings.ajaxDataType and why the value is not static value 'json' or 'xml'? – Oleg Apr 25 '11 at 9:44
Oleg, please see my edit... i dont use postdata like the your previous answer. thats all the code i used. if i alert the row_data, it displays good answer. but the grid displays all data. i really can't explain what 'Settings.ajaxDataType' value has because me myself don't know. my senior only tells me to use it. – jayAnn Apr 26 '11 at 2:30
Could you include in the text of your question the code of jqGrid definition of $('#list1')? – Oleg Apr 29 '11 at 7:20
Oleg, i laready posted my jqGrid definition of $('#list1') in here: please see my edit. thanks – jayAnn Apr 29 '11 at 8:43

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I modified your code based on the information from your both question. As the result the code will be about the following:

var myGrid = $("#list1");

    datatype: 'local',
    url: 'json.php',
    postData: {
        path: 'data/view'
    jsonReader: {
        root: function(obj) {
            var root = [], fields;

            if  (obj.hasOwnProperty('error')) {
                alert(obj.error['class'] + ' error: ' + obj.error.msg);
            } else {
                fields = obj.result.main.metadata.fields;
                $.each(obj.result.main.rowdata, function(rowIndex, rowDataValue) {
                    var row = {};
                    $.each(rowDataValue, function(columnIndex, rowArrayValue) {
                        row[fields[columnIndex].name] = rowArrayValue;

            return root;
        page: "",
        total: "result.main.pageCount",
        records: "result.main.rows",
        repeatitems: false,
        id: "0"
    serializeGridData: function(postData) {
        var filter = JSON.stringify([

        var jsonParams = {
            SessionID: $.cookie("ID"),
            dataType: 'data',
            filters: filter,
            recordLimit: postData.rows,
            recordOffset: postData.rows * ( - 1),
            rowDataAsObjects: false,
            queryRowCount: true,
            sort_fields: postData.sidx

        return $.extend({},postData,{json:JSON.stringify(jsonParams)});
    loadError: function(xhr, msg, e) {
        alert('HTTP error: ' + JSON.stringify(msg) + '.');
    colNames:['Code', 'Description','Type'],
    viewrecords: true,
    pager: '#tblDataPager1',
    sortname: 'desc',
    sortorder: 'desc',
    height: 250,
    caption: "Main Account"
$("#btnsearchCode").click(function() {

You can see the code live here.

The code use datatype:'local' at the begining, so you will have no requests to the server ill the "Search" button will be clicked. The the serializeGridData the data from the postData prameter of serializeGridData will be combined with the postData parameter of jqGrid (the parameter "&path="+encodeURIComponent('data/view') will be appended). Additionally all standard jqGrid parameters will be continued to send and the new json parameter with your custom informattion will be send additionally.

By the way if you want rename some standard parameters used in the URL like the usage of recordLimit instead of rows you can use prmNames parameter in the form

prmNames: { rows: "recordLimit" }
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Hey Oleg, I've just tried your code... And yes, it is now working. Thanks a lot Oleg. Again, you help me. – jayAnn Apr 30 '11 at 5:28
@jayAnn: You are welcome! – Oleg Apr 30 '11 at 6:12

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