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I'm trying to convert a powerpoint presentation to seperate svg files (1 for each slide), Is it possible to do so by using the Microsoft Office 2010 PIA ?

If so, then is there any tutorial on using Microsoft Office 2010 PIA in Java ?

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There are no off-the-shelf automatic converters that I know of, but I had success in saving each individual slide as PDF in Powerpoint, then opening the PDF in Inkscape and resaving as SVG. Both Powerpoint's PDF export and Inkscape's PDF importing are quite sophisticated and produce good results, and SVG is Inkscape's native saving format, but some tweaking of the imported PDF in Inkscape may be required to reproduce certain elements in the original precisely.

It may have made a difference that I have Adobe Acrobat installed, but I did not use the "Save as Adobe PDF" plugin, just the ordinary "Save As" dialog. Using Save as Adobe PDF produced inferior results.

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I had better success exporting as Enhanced Windows meta file (.emf) which Inkscape also can read.

It was 'better' because when I tried to import the exported PDF, Inkscape generated a bunch image files. The XML of the imported SVG seemed cleaner as well.

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This is going to be pretty hard, there is no direct way to do this afaik (please correct me if I'm wrong!) - the easiest way would be to Print to XPS, then convert the XAML (XPS == XAML + Zip file) to an SVG file; this isn't easy or straightforward either, but the mapping between XAML => SVG is probably far closer.

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Are there any PPT to SVG converters out there that can do the job? I am willing to buy one if necessary –  fogy Apr 25 '11 at 4:08

It's not the smoothest of translations, but check out the pptx4j component of docx4j to render most items in SVG: http://dev.plutext.org/svn/docx4j/trunk/docx4j/src/pptx4j/java/org/pptx4j/samples/RenderAsSvgInHtml.java

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