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On thirdpartydomain.com I want to embed a simple <script> tag that pulls in a script from mydomain.com/myscript.js, which simply creates a little <div> and pulls partial page content from mydomain.com/mypage.htm.

Here's the script, adapted from: How to embed Javascript widget that depends on jQuery into an unknown environment

var myEmbedId = '12345';
var myEmbedContainerId = 'myEmbedContainer_' + myEmbedId;
document.write('<div id="' + myEmbedContainerId + '">IF ALL GOES WELL, THIS TEXT WILL BE REPLACED WITH MYPAGE.HTM CONTENTS');

    (function (window, document, version, callback) {
        var j, d;
        var loaded = false;
        if (!(j = window.jQuery) || version > j.fn.jquery || callback(j, loaded)) {
            var script = document.createElement("script");
            script.type = "text/javascript";
            script.src = "http://mydomain.com/jquery-1.4.1.min.js";
            script.onload = script.onreadystatechange = function () {
                if (!loaded && (!(d = this.readyState) || d == "loaded" || d == "complete")) {
                    callback((j = window.jQuery).noConflict(1), loaded = true);
    })(window, document, "1.3", function ($, jquery_loaded) {
        $(document).ready(function () {
            alert('jquery loaded!');

            var myRefreshUrl = 'http://mydomain.com/mypage.htm';
            alert('refreshing from ' + myRefreshUrl);

            $.get(myRefreshUrl, function(data){ 
                var returnData = data;
                alert('return data: ' + data);
                $('#' + myEmbedContainerId).html(data); });

            alert('load complete v2');


In IE, I get an Access Denied error from Javascript; in Firefox I just get no data returned.

What's wrong with this?

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You cannot create an AJAX request to a different domain from the one that is hosting the current window context.

To pull off what you're describing, you can do something like:

var script = document.createElement('script');
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.src = 'http://mydomain.com/dynamic.js?data=somepage.htm';

Within that dynamic.js, you can wrap the HTML contents in a document.write(). The net effect is the same as inserting the result of the AJAX request at the same point in the DOM.

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+1 Beat me to it :) –  no.good.at.coding Apr 25 '11 at 5:16
Crossdomain is req'd, so document.write() is about to get a workout. Thanks –  Brandon Apr 25 '11 at 5:21

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