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Is it possible to have this done with one regex?

I need to match only those strings that have exactly one period/dot but the restriction is that that period/dot must not be at the end of the string.


abc.d will match

.abcd will match

abcd. will not match
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Yes, you can do it in one regex:

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+1 - you made me learn a different and better way to write this regex! –  manojlds Apr 25 '11 at 5:43

I really like @codaddict's answer, but how about something without Regex? ( C# code below )

if(a.Split('.').Length>2 || a.EndsWith("."))

What I like is that it is much more clear that you don't want a string with two . and also a . should not be in the end. And this might actually be faster than using a regex.

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