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I know how to do an orientation change, but lets say you have a view with buttons, labels, ect. The autoresizing distorts and makes the view look strange. What's the accepted way to do this, do I just create a portrait and landscape view. If so where would I actually do the swapping of these views.

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Do all kind of resizing and reposition in your layoutSubviews method of UIView. Once the orientation is changed, your layoutSubviews would be called then you can know the current orientation by using UIDevice class. and reposition your views child accordingly

UIDevice property to be used for getting current orientation .

@propertyic,readonly) UIDeviceOrientation orientation
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Thanks a lot, i'll give this a try then –  Vikings Apr 25 '11 at 5:57

My sandbox app: https://github.com/comonitos/programatical_device_orientation

The solution is easy

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