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hi i'm working on an app that tracks a user saving their location and saving the results into an observable collection of a session class containing geocoordinates.

My question is now that i have a bunch of coordinates how do i plot a visible rout on a (bing)map with them ie plot from each coordinate to the next for many ie the whole session (not just a to b).


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You can use following API:

MapPolyline polyline = new MapPolyline();
polyline.Stroke = stroke;
polyline.StrokeThickness = strokeThinkness;
polyline.Opacity = opacity;
polyline.Locations = locationsList;


Where locationsList is:

var locationsList = new LocationCollection();
locationsList.Add(new GeoCoordinate(latitude1, longtitude1, altitude1));
locationsList.Add(new GeoCoordinate(latitude2, longtitude2, altitude2));
locationsList.Add(new GeoCoordinate(latitude3, longtitude3, altitude3));

Actually, locationsList is your polyLine.

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is altitude a requirement?, i was kinda hoping to use a a normal observable collection with geocoordinates as an array. –  RY4N Apr 25 '11 at 7:23
No, it's not required. LocationCollection inherits itself from ObservableCollection<GeoCoordinate> and it's not sealed. So, you can inherit your type from LocationCollection and use it as wrap to your ObservableCollection. –  oxilumin Apr 25 '11 at 7:30

This API works with BingMaps silverlight control if I'm right. Is this possible in the Bing Maps SOAP Services http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc980922.aspx. I have application that just call SOAP service and download generated image (no silverlight, no javascript), bu i cannot find any equivalent API that renders polygon on the map using the SOAP web service.

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