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Hello Everyone I am new bee in ANDROID so am getting problem in retrieving data from SQLite ,can anyone HELP me to know what method to be used to do so. Thanks

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New bee! That's a great way to put it! –  Kyle Dec 15 '11 at 7:03

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hi for using database follow this link

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Links are generally not acceptable as answers. Formulate an answer specific to the question in your own words and use the link as reference. Mention me after edit, so I can remove my downvote. –  markus Dec 15 '11 at 7:05

The best database example for Android that I found and used is available on devx.com

After going through that tutorial you will get some better idea. Steps to retrieve data are as follows:

  1. open database connection using the open method in the example.
  2. execute the query using db.query method. that will return a cursor to the returned records and then iterate the cursor to get through the returned records.

Hope it helps.

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