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I have a form and I want some controls to work outside the form. When I have a form on the page, and a button outside the form, the button doesn't work!?

Here is my code :

 <form method="post" action="default.aspx">
    <asp:TextBox ID="leko" runat="server" />

        <asp:Button ID="sub" onclick="sub" runat="server" />


            <asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Tweetline" 
            onclick="Button2_Click" CausesValidation="false" />

And the action "Button2_click" doesn't work since the form is here. Why that?

Thank you

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This is not possible with webforms - the way they work is by having a single server side form and all controls live in it.

You can have additional normal forms (that is without runat="server", but these cannot be used with server side controls.

If you want better control over your HTML, take a look at ASP.NET/MVC.

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As It is not possible to have multiple Form tag and Server side control can not be outside of form control, Use ICallBack interface in your default.aspx.
Using this you can have your normal button (e.g. no asp:Button instead use <input type="button">).
for more detail refer following link:

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