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I want to adjust the position of a link in rails i've made it with the gem cocoon, in my source i get this:

    <div class="fields">
    <a href="#" class="add_fields" data-association="answer" data-template="    &lt;div class=&quot;nested-fields&quot;&gt;
            &lt;label for=&quot;question_answers_attributes_new_answers_answer&quot;&gt;Answer&lt;/label&gt;
          &lt;input id=&quot;question_answers_attributes_new_answers_text&quot; name=&quot;question[answers_attributes][new_answers][text]&quot; size=&quot;30&quot; type=&quot;text&quot; /&gt;
            &lt;input id=&quot;question_answers_attributes_new_answers__destroy&quot; name=&quot;question[answers_attributes][new_answers][_destroy]&quot; type=&quot;hidden&quot; /&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; class=&quot;remove_fields dynamic&quot;&gt;Remove&lt;/a&gt;

">Add Answer</a>

Does anyone know how to call the "Add Answer" link in CSS? I tried: div.fields.add_fields a { css: code; }

But that didn't seem to do anything...

Regards, Thijs

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just write 'div.fields a.add_fields {css:code}' –  sandeep Apr 25 '11 at 8:30

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This is a simple css question. Simply

a.add_fields {}

selects all a with class add_fields. Just

.add_fields {}

is normally enough as well.

But if you want to be really strict, you could write:

.fields a.add_fields {}

Which says: something with class .fields and nested an a element with class .add_fields.

you could even state that it has to be a direct child:

.fields > a.add_fields {}

Hope this helps.

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