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I'm having some trouble with swapDepths function. I'm programming a drag/drop system. I created a empty MovieClip (depthSwaper), with the highest depth, and every time I drag one of my objects, I swap its depths with depthSwaper, so my object is always on the highest depth.

Problem, I get this error : "Error #1006 : swapDepths is not a function".

Here's my script :

public function monDown(e:MouseEvent) {
        } //monDown

        public function monUp(e:MouseEvent) {

            if(e.currentTarget.hitTestObject(slotTete) && (e.currentTarget.type == "arme")) {
                e.currentTarget.x = slotTete.x;
                e.currentTarget.y = slotTete.y;
            } else if(e.currentTarget.hitTestObject(slotTorse) && (e.currentTarget.type == "torse")) {
                e.currentTarget.x = slotTorse.x;
                e.currentTarget.y = slotTorse.y;
            } else {

        } //monUp

currentTarget.icone is the MovieClip I'm moving. I tried to use swapdepth with just a number, like this : e.currentTarget.icone.swapDepths(10); but i'm getting the same error.

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks for reading!

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There is no swapDepths function is AS3. You can do what you need with swapChildren().

Basically you call it on the container of your two clips, and it swaps their depths:


or, in context (hopefully):

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swapDepths is AS2 , you need to use one of AS3's new tricks

Well explained here:

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