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I would like to know how to Invoke bean method from jsp. something like. On click of button [Hey] i would like to print "Hello world". Thank you.

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Go ahead with JSF. Here's how your requirement would look like:

View (test.xhtml)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en"
        <title>JSF Hello World</title>
            <h:commandButton value="Hey" action="#{bean.hey}">
                <f:ajax render=":result" />
        <h:outputText id="result" value="#{bean.result}" />

Model (Bean.java)

public class Bean {

    private String result;

    public void hey() {
        result = "Hello World!";

    public String getResult() {
        return result;


That's it.

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There are multiple possible ways to do this.

  • JSF EL does this nicely.
  • You can use DWR to invoke bean's method from just making simple javascript call, it will create ajax request to invoke bean's method at server .
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