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in the last 2 years I've studied php and MySQL in order to build my project. I come from ActionScript3 and so Object Oriented Programming, but I'm an self-taught, and unfortunately I don't know the deepest parts of programmation.

Now the project I've written is near to the end and It could be published online, but It's all written in procedural php style, only with a class for the session and something.

All works fast and without problems (for what I can see), but if I need to add some functions to the site, like user board, add login with other accounts (facebook, openid, etc.), I think that would be difficult to be changed.

I know there are solutions like cakephp, zend and many other MVC frameworks, useful to optimize develop time, so I was just wondering if I should start with that base or I could pass to it in the future.

The current database is not so different from how it should be to be MVC ready, some things need to be changed and I don't know what exactly involve this, I don't know if It's possible to change the database structure in the future with millions of rows added (I hope!).

So my question is:

Should I publish my web2 project online or should I wait to rewrite it MVC framework ready?

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Publish early to see if it works. Your project is worthless without users anyway. You can rewrite it behind the scenes in your testing environment.

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I have actually questioned this myself when taking old websites and wanting to convert them to cakePHP. When you first look at a decent size project like that, it can be overwhelming but once you crack into it you can actually have some fun with it.

Example: Since, building websites everyday can be tedious and monotonous, you can actually enjoy this migration process with some new techniques. I was able to convert a 9 table database to be MVC ready by writing a series of javascript regular expressions that process the data into the format that I needed.

It could take you a week or 2 to accomplish this but if you are looking to expand your skills, you might enjoy it.

Of course doing these kinds of processes with millions of table entries might be a bit much for javascript, but with the ability to write MVC apps in less than a week, you might have your site rebuilt in less than a month (MIGHT).

Good luck.

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I'm trying to use cakephp but it making me crazy... inserting relational data isn't so simple if you start for the first time, surely I could spend 1 month to refactory the project, but I'll need 1 year to learn cakephp well, for now I think I'll choose to build the project online without rewrite it. Thanks for the help! –  Vittorio Vittori Apr 28 '11 at 15:54

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