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i'm developing a chat program in PHP where more than 500 users to be connected per day. plus it would own file transfer function as well thus the program must be fast enough. so i wanna know if the PHP is fast enough to accomplish this job or i must use other one platform??

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The pure language speed in not really the problem. How you're doing it is. – deceze Apr 25 '11 at 9:03
500 users per DAY? It's nothing!!! "Basic" from 1995 can do it. – Emmerman Apr 25 '11 at 9:06
@Emmerman: I assume he means that there will be 500 simultaneous users. Not that much still, but for PHP over Long Polling it may already be quite problematic. – NikiC Apr 25 '11 at 9:08
@nikic I had about 5k simultaneous users on my server - no problems with this. – Emmerman Apr 25 '11 at 9:13
@Emmerman: No 5k aren't a problem ^^ Just if all those 5k need there own PHP process all the time (like when implementing a chat), then you'll have problems. – NikiC Apr 25 '11 at 9:17

Yes, PHP is fast enough. The only variable here is your coding skill (and if the number of users really gets out of hand, your server configuration) - if you make the chat program well, there shouldn't be any problems.

It is imperative you give your tables good indices, and that you optimize your queries. When done properly, a PHP chat can support thousands of concurrent users with almost no impact on performance.

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-1 I disagree. PHP will have problems handling many concurrent connections. That's no problem for normal applications, because you just don't have that many concurrent connections, but for a chat, where every user must have one connection open to the server all the time, it is a problem. – NikiC Apr 25 '11 at 9:11
I recently made one such chat for my company's CRM, and it works well. It's heartbeat based, and looks for changes every 2 seconds. We currently have an average load of 3000 users per day, up to 1000 of those at the same time. There is no general performance degradation. I can't say what would happen with 10 times as many users, but right now it works flawlessly. – Swader Apr 25 '11 at 9:23
Hm, okay, I redrew my downvote. You and Emmerman convinced me that it is indeed possible to build a long polling chat in PHP. Though I still like the nodejs solution more... – NikiC Apr 25 '11 at 21:26

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