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I am trying to total up all the timesdate seperately from a few different columns in my database, however when the total for each surpasses 24 hours - I'm only getting 00:00 printed instead of the actual total.

I understand that the PHP date "H" variable only cover 00 - 23, so am unsure the best way to go about doing this. Any help would be much appreciated.

My SQL select code is:

SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(lunch) ) ) AS lunch, 
SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(overtime) ) ) AS overtime, 
SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(day_paid) ) ) AS day_paid, 
SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(lunch) ) ) AS lunch, 
SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(holiday) ) ) AS holiday, 
SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(absence) ) ) AS absence

My view code as an example for "lunch" is:

echo date('H:i', strtotime($day_breakdown->day_paid);
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The MySQL code you've written is fine, but the view code won't work as it's designed to work with dates/times and not with relative periods of time.

You should derive the hours/minutes by dividing the seconds out like this:

$hours = floor($seconds / 3600);
$minutes = floor($seconds / 60) % 60;
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Just had to change my SQL slightly to "SUM( TIME_TO_SEC(lunch) ) AS lunch" by removing the SEC_TO_TIME section but works great now thanks :) – James P Apr 25 '11 at 9:50

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