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I'm looking for a way to print several files (pdf and ppt documents) automatically when a user clicks a link, for example. This files have to be programatically chosen taking values from a form within the page.
They're not going to be many files, only up to 5, maybe less, each time the user clicks to print them. For example:


I prefer it to only prompts the user one time to print documents although I don't know if this'll require to merge all them together in a single one. I really don't know how to achieve this: i'm open to Javascript, jQuery, ASP... Any idea? Is this feasible? Thanks in advance!!

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You can't. Especially not if the files aren't HTML (for HTML files you could call window.print(); to open the "Print" dialog).

ASP would only run on the server so that's not a solution. It might be possible with a Java applet but I think you should rather provide links to the files and explain the user how to print them.

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